What Are TFCredits?

What are TFCredits & how do you use them?

TFCredits are virtual currency points that are obtained on our forums by doing simple daily tasks like logging in, posting & staying active.
  • You can use them to purchase admin + other VIP otions on any of our public servers.
  • You can also use them to purchase username styling, and cool forum accesories to stand out.

  • How do you earn credits?
    • 1 post/reply = 20 points
    • 1 Thread = 30 points
    • Daily Activity = 15 points (+ random bonus anywhere from 0-10 additional)
    • Create a poll = 10 credits
    • Register = 10 credits (Only applies to new registered users)

    Alternative ways to earn credits?
    • Rob somebody = (35% chance you'll succeed, if u do you'll get 15% of the credits they're holding in their wallet that are NOT in their bank. If you don't succeed, you lose 10% of your credits).
    • Gain 2% interest the tokens you have deposited into your bank.
    • Participate in on going lotteries = Check out lottery section to see what u can participate in.
    • Trades.

    How to safely hold your points without being robbed?

    • You can deposit your points into your bank when you're not using them. Depositing the credits from your wallet into the bank will prevent thieves from being able to take anything from your wallet while you're offline.
    • When you're ready to make a purchase you can withdrawal your credits back to your wallet using the built in withdrawal function in your TFCredits side panel.

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      Apr 24, 2020
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