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Dispute Declined [Sponje] - CacauateTwrkng' Ban Dispute

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Registered User
May 9, 2021
Main In-Game Name: [Sponje] - CacauateTwrkng

Name Used At Time Of Ban: [Sponje] - CacauateTwrkng

Your STEAM ID: [Cacauate] - SponjeTwrkng

Time Of Ban: 39 week , 69 hour

Date of Ban: Sunday , May 09 , 2021

Name Of The Admin Who Banned You:

Server(s) You Are Banned From: TopFrag.com | Dust2 24/7 [Chicago 1000FPS] |

A Paragraph, With Complete Sentences, About What You Were Doing Right Before You Were Banned: I was playing the most normal thing with a machine-gun before I was banned

A Paragraph, With Complete Sentences, On Why You Think You Were Banned: I have no idea.

Why should you be unbanned? Good I came for a complaint .. an administrator supposedly banned me by wall since according to him it is impossible for me to play well without steam, I am not a wealthy person apart from living in a country where the salary is equivalent to 4 $ I am from Venezuela. . So how do we do if he uploaded video, they can verify it at no time is he using a wall, I do everything at my best with a low-performance pc and sometimes it hangs on me .. it's not fair, gentlemen, it's not fair that they ban me alone because it costs others to kill me is not fair.

Include Your 3 Screenshots From Your CSTRIKE Folder 1tutu.png2tutu.png3tutu.png4tutu.png5tutu.png6tutu.png7tutu.png8tutu.png9tutu.png
Blame it on Soul
Project Manager
Jan 24, 2020
Please complete your ban dispute with uploading 3 end game screenshots from cstrike folder. Until you do so, your ban will stay.
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